Judy Aoko Owuor © Tom Rübenach


Judy Aoko Owuor © Tom Rübenach

Hi there, my full name is Judy Aoko Owuor, I’m 21 years old and the current
AYiERA iNiTiATiVE Secretary.

Back then I used to stay with my elder brother after the death of my parents. He could not manage to cater for all my needs. He was a low income earner hence could not manage to pay for my school fees and as the same time daily bread.

I joined AYiERA iNiTiATiVE when I was already a school drop out(Form2) Due to my perseverance and seriousness in various programs, I was lucky to benefit from schooling sponsorship thus the completion of my secondary education in 2014.

Later on, I went to college to further study for the secretarial course which I managed to complete last year. I graduated the same year December.

Gratitude to Ai and the supporters for making me reach this far!!

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AYiERA iNiTiATiVE is a Community Based Organisation (CBO). It was established with the main aim of positively transforming poor communities (Korogocho slum and its environs) and to improve the lives of the less privileged children and youths of Korogocho slum by using sports specifically slum footie – a small football game initiated by Ayiera Initiative, as a tool to achieve the above mentioned aims; sport in this case being used as catalyst for positive social change and development. The organization also empowers disadvantaged children of Korogocho slum and its environs by engaging them in academic, sports and art programs and activities.

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