Children running around in Korogocho slum in Nairobi © Tom Rübenaxch

Stiftung Zukunft für Kinder in Slums

The foundation started in 2009 under the umbrella of “Deutschen CARE-Stiftung” (German CARE Foundation).

Soon after that, at the beginning of the year  2010, it started its work in Agadez (Niger) as well as in Nairobi.

Projects in Guatemala und Cambodia followed. Between 2016 and 2018 the Foundation Hoffnung 1-plus supported a CARE project in the Balcans to improve the living conditions of Roma children.

Since 2013 it is mainly supporting AYiERA iNiTiATiVE’s
scholarship programme and sports activities.

Find more information about the foundation in German language here.

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AYiERA iNiTiATiVE is a Community Based Organisation (CBO). It was established with the main aim of positively transforming poor communities (Korogocho slum and its environs) and to improve the lives of the less privileged children and youths of Korogocho slum by using sports specifically slum footie – a small football game initiated by Ayiera Initiative, as a tool to achieve the above mentioned aims; sport in this case being used as catalyst for positive social change and development. The organization also empowers disadvantaged children of Korogocho slum and its environs by engaging them in academic, sports and art programs and activities.

One thought on “Stiftung Zukunft für Kinder in Slums

  1. I’m very happy for Ayiera initiative for their work in Korogocho, and I wish to join it one day, am a social worker by profession. Keep the good work!

    Answer AYiERA iNiTiATiVE:
    Thank you very much for your supportive opinion!


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