We are the Slum Changers!

Since 2007, AI has been working to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children and youths in Korogocho Slum by offering them possibilities to explore their talents and develop themselves

Our Story

Inspired by the efforts of Homeless World Cup and daily challenges of living in poverty in Korogocho slum, our Founder and Director Mr. Hamilton Ayiera formed AYiERA iNiTiATiVE and was later joined by like-minded youths.

Founded on a strong desire to positively change the desperate situation of slum children, youths and community at large, Ayiera Initiative works to positively transform the pathetic situations experienced by majority of Korogocho Slum dwellers by using sports (Slum Footie) to create positive social change and development.

Our Mission

To empower slum dwellers and disadvantaged people of Korogocho Slum to become socially and economically engaged in the community.

To facilitate economic self reliance for Korogocho slum dwellers and deter them from anti-social activities by providing them with life changing opportunities and initiatives that promotes their development and that of the slum community at large.

Our Vision

Using sports (Slum Footie) to uplift the lives of slum children, youths and other slum dwellers and be a source of hope.

Slum Footie is a football game of 5 versus 5 players, initiated by AYiERA iNiTiATiVE, and acts as an entry point to other empowerment programs and is also used as a community mobilisation tool

A Ball Can Change The Slum

Even though we are a Sports for Development organisation, we are not just about sports. Our strategy is diverse and inclusive. Overtime we have been able to effectively integrate Sports and Education to tackle the most common challenges and social ills in Korogocho slums i.e. unemployment, tribal conflicts, drug abuse and alcoholism, environmental pollution and crime

How We Promote Positive Social Change

Empowerment Programs


Children & Young adults enrolled in our programs/activities

Educational programs


Scholarships offered to needy students in primary and secondary school

Social Events


Project reach in our focus area, Korogocho slum

Do You Have Some Time to Spare?

We are looking forward to an empowered society by helping the most vulnerable slum dwellers to bring a better future for all children and young people. Are you a CHANGER too?

Recent Posts

Korogocho Slum Hand Washing Program

In an effort to stop the invasion of the highly infectious Corona Virus in the slums of Korogocho, Ayiera Initiative has set up handsfree washing stations to emphasise on the importance of frequent hand washing in the fight against Corona Virus.

Connect With Us

Ayiera Initiative Centre
P.O. BOX 14429 – 00400
Gomongo | Korogocho
Nairobi, Kenya
Email – ayierainitiative@yahoo.com
Whatsapp – +254 113 387 499