We are 100% energy efficient!

The beginning of 2024 marks another key milestone for Ayiera Initiative! Our Centre is fully running on solar energy.

For a long time, we have had a big challenge with a reliable power supply. Considering our area of scope – Korogocho slum, continuously accessing electricity has been a major setback. This was further worsened in 2021 when the electricity supply was completely cut. The situation nearly destabilized our office operations and also affected most of our empowerment programs and activities especially those conducted in the Centre like the Education program, computer classes, and talent development sessions. 

The solar system installation has eliminated our reliance on electricity and its associated costs. The efficiency of the system has made it possible to run our office operations and at the same time conduct our programs and activities uninterrupted. Our in-house clinic is also fully solar-powered!

Our joy is when children can play and learn while we work and serve our community better – we are the Slum Changers!

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