Tag für Korogocho 2024

Tabitha (far left), Derrick(far right) and one of the students at GSA

Every year GSA holds a special event for marginalized children and young people. The two-day event popularly referred to as ‘Tag für Korogocho’ aims to create awareness of the imbalances in opportunities for children and young people across the world especially those in slums. This event also recognizes and supports Ayiera Initiative’s efforts in creating opportunities for young people through education, empowerment, and talent development.     

This year’s event took place on 1st and 2nd July at the Siegburg open market, and was also graced by two  beneficiaries (Tabitha and Derrick) of this program – University scholarship. Tabitha and Derrick received a four-year university scholarship courtesy of the donations realized through the event ‘Tag für Korogocho’ and have now completed their studies. Derrick specializes in Journalism and Tabitha in Mathematics and Physics.    

The event has also created an opportunity for a week-long tour where, the two students from Korogocho are able to exchange, learn, and engage in open discussions about the different challenges and opportunities that exist across the board.  

You can access further details in German here

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