Relief Food Donation

Corona Virus pandemic has resulted in many challenges especially for the poor slum dwellers. Majority of slum dwellers depend on casual jobs which sometimes are hard to come by. Those who are lucky to get employed are not paid well enough and therefore have to squeeze the little they earn to make ends meet. 

Covid worsened the already terrible situation, many companies either closed down or downscaled their operations to meet the pressure of a non-performing economy, more and more people lost their jobs as a result. Moreover, those who depended on casual jobs could not go out to look for jobs, the government restricted movement, besides, the government had urged its citizens to STAY-AT-HOME. 

Loss of jobs and sources of income, meant that many households could not afford their sources of livelihood. More and more slum dwellers found it difficult to afford even a meal a day.

Our team delivered relief food to disadvantaged community members
Relief food distribution

We have so far donated relief food packages to over 900 Korogocho slum residents to cushion them against the harsh impacts of Corona Virus. We have also been able to distribute relief food packages deep in the slums to those who could not access the food packages at our Centre due to disability or a medical condition.    

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