Day for Korogocho

Day for Korogocho

Every year, students from Gymnasium Siegburg Allestrasse hold a charity concert to support children from Korogocho slum. And this year, they called it ‘The Day for Korogocho’. On this day, students stand in solidarity with their counterparts from Korogocho by playing music and fundraising to support Ayiera Initiative’s empowerment programs in Korogocho slum.

Partnership for Health and Education

The partnership is mainly aimed at increasing education opportunities for slum youths, offering psychosocial support to children and adolescents, and also providing access to quality medical support for Korogocho slum dwellers. With this support, Ayiera Initiative has reached more than 6,000 slum families through its monthly medical outreaches and offered educational opportunities at the University for 8 youths from Korogocho slum.

Ayiera Initiative was well represented

This time, one of Ayiera Initiative staff was present to also take part in this important day for AI and GSA. It was very motivating to see students and teachers in solidarity with Ayiera Initiative and Korogocho slum children.

Through its partners like GSA, AI continues to create relief by providing more opportunities to marginalized and underprivileged slum dwellers.

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