GSA supports Slum Changers

Hamilton in class discussion at GSA about AI project and slum

Gymnasium Siegburg Alleestrasse has shown great commitment and support for Ayiera Initiative children and slum dwellers in Korogocho for many years.

During a series of visits by our Director, Mr. Hamilton and one of the team members, Brian, the German school reiterated on its commitment to strengthen its partnership with Ayiera Initiative for the benefit of children and slum dwellers through programs that promote education and medical access to slum dwellers.

Apart from the meetings there were also fun, interactive sessions and conversations with the students about our project and the community that AI serves.

Light moments with the students

AI highly recognises and applauds efforts of students, parents and teachers especially Mr. Menge, Mrs. Braun and the Headteacher Ms. Sabine who have been at the forefront in supporting empowerment and wellbeing of underprivileged and marginalised children in Korogocho slum.

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