A young child could not wait to use the handsfree water stations provided by Ayiera Initiative

Korogocho Slum Hand Washing Program

In a bid to contain Corona Virus in Korogocho slum, Stiftung Zukunft fur Kinder in Slums and Ayiera Initiative have made handwashing stations now available across main points in Korogocho.

Maintaining hygiene in the slums, an even bigger challenge for slum dwellers

Frequent handwashing among other measures has so far been considered an effective activity in the fight against Corona Virus. Poverty, poor infrastructure, limited clean water and unhygienic conditions have however made handwashing very difficult in the slum setup.

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A convenient solution at the right time

With support from Stiftung Zukunft für Kinder in Slums, Ayiera Initiative carried out a handwashing sensitization campaign and setup handwashing points across the nine villages of Korogocho slum. These handsfree, foot operated handwashing points are strategically located across the main entry and exit points where majority of the slum population can access freely clean running water and soap.

Ayiera Initiative has further collaborated with selected youth groups from Korogocho slum, to ensure constant supply of clean water and soap at these points and help the disabled persons access these handwashing points, so that as many slum dwellers can hand wash, reducing risk of infection and spread of the virus.

You can also click here to watch a brief documentary of the hand washing  campaign.


Even as we work hard to stop the spread of Corona virus, new challenges emerge, many slum dwellers have lost their meagre sources of income. Casual jobs, which many slum dwellers depend on, are now more than ever hard to come by, meaning many families are going hungry. Extreme poverty levels combined with hunger, would be disastrous.

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