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Free Handwashing Stations

Handwashing was considered one of the most effective ways to fight Corona Virus. Poverty, poor infrastructure, limited clean water and unhygienic conditions however made handwashing very difficult in the slum setup. We carried out a handwashing sensitization campaigns and setup handwashing points across the nine villages of Korogocho slum. These handwashing points have been strategically … Continue reading Free Handwashing Stations


In addition to the many challenges, Corona Virus has resulted in the following negative impacts among slum dwellers; – contributed to rising number of gender based and domestic violence cases  – caused high cases of early pregnancy among teenage girls – increased crime rate, drugs and alcohol abuse – reduced job chances and as well … Continue reading Counselling

Relief Food Donation

Corona Virus pandemic has resulted in many challenges especially for the poor slum dwellers. Majority of slum dwellers depend on casual jobs which sometimes are hard to come by. Those who are lucky to get employed are not paid well enough and therefore have to squeeze the little they earn to make ends meet.  Covid … Continue reading Relief Food Donation


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