Ayiera Initiative

Free Handwashing Stations

Handwashing was considered one of the most effective ways to fight Corona Virus. Poverty, poor infrastructure, limited clean water and unhygienic conditions however made handwashing very difficult in the slum setup.

We carried out a handwashing sensitization campaigns and setup handwashing points across the nine villages of Korogocho slum. These handwashing points have been strategically located across the main entry and exit points where majority of the slum population can access freely clean running water and soap.

Free hand washing stations provided by Ayiera Initiative to beat Covid in Korogocho
Encouraging frequent hand washing to fight Covid

Selected youth groups from Korogocho slum, have facilitated constant supply of clean water and soap at these points and help the disabled persons access these handwashing points, so that as many slum dwellers can hand wash, reducing risk of infection and spread of Corona virus.

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